Hello, I’m Bill and welcome to the Mad Meeple.

Mad Meeple exists to provide longform commentary on games with a specific emphasis on solitaire/low player count games and how to incorporate gaming into the family experience.

When I’m looking at a game and deciding if I like it, I look at three main areas:

  • Does this game force me to make interesting decisions?
  • How does the game look? Do the mechanics, theme, and components hold each other together or drive people apart?
  • Is it fun?

Because of commitments to work and family, I will mostly talk about games that are shorter than two hours. If they are longer than two hours, I may play them but won’t get enough plays in to talk fully about them. Likewise, most games will be less complex (think around 3 or so on the BGG scale) than something along the lines of Feudum.

Now about me.

I’m born and raised in the Pacific Northwest with a lovely partner who puts up with a lot – including spending too much on games – and three kids ranging from college to elementary school. These 4 happen to be my testbed for new games as well. Poor suckers.

For work, I’ve been gainfully employed in the tech industry for over 2 decades in various product marketing, product management, and staff roles. That being said, I started programming when I was 8 years old and one of my regrets is not sticking with it through college when the iron triangle of school, work, and social life reared its ugly head.

I’ve been gaming since elementary school, when my brother’s friend Brent introduced me to a new game called Dungeons & Dragons. I went through the various iterations of Top Secret, Boot Hill, Traveler, and Gamma World before discovering Diplomacy.

Going to college (see above) and then having a family meant forgetting about games for awhile. I was reintroduced to them via Memoir ’44 and Ticket to Ride in the mid-00’s. I haven’t looked back since.