I spent a a lot of quarters playing Space Invaders in my youth.

Board games are now providing a good way to play without losing the paper route money1 – Flip Ships providing the Space Invaders experience2.  Flip Ships continues Regenade’s recent dominance3 by providing a quick, easy-to-learn dexterity game with good components4. The game is played by creating a tableau of cards representing enemy ships that will slowly march towards your city, causing damage as they descend.  These ships have different powers – some descend quickly, others provide shields, and even others take more damage to destroy.  You destroy them by flipping coin-shaped ships at these invaders.  The game is incredibly frustrating – because those little ships will flip EVERYWHERE – but is incredibly fun.  It plays in 15-20 minutes (or less), can be played down to 8 years old, and makes a great filler or party game.  If you’re looking for the next brain burner, go elsewhere.  But if you’re looking for something of no consequence but fun, Flip Ships is your game.

Renegade Game Studios Flip Ships Game






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  • Simple with limited decisions, but lots of consequences
  • Recreates the video games of our youth
  • Good price to fun ratio


  • None to speak of, unless you're dexterity-challenged