Sometimes I wish my commute was longer.

No. Really.

I actually hate traffic with a passion and will drive 2 miles (or longer) to keep the feeling of advancing over sitting still, but I’ve discovered something over the last two years that has kept me going.

Gaming podcasts.

It started simple enough with a little Shut Up and Sit Down.  But once a month isn’t good enough for my habit.  So like any good junkie, I started scouring the interwebs for other places to get my driving drug of choice.  Here’s my Top 5.





How’s your ego?  Because Geoff Englestein is smarter than you and isn’t afraid to show it.  Gil’s not bad either.  Ludology1 is an in-depth discussion about how games work.  One episode it might be about the psychology behind decisions while another might be the shift of games from phases to impulses.  And it makes sense.  AND THEY MAKE IT INTERESTING!  I find after listening to Ludology, I have the quotes to make myself look smarter than I am.


Two nice guys who run companies that make great games.  If Ludology is important because it helps me learn how games work, then Boardgame Insider is important because it help me understand why the games I play show up on the shelves of Mox or Uncles2.  The fact that they seem to like each other (and us) while they tell us about running their companies makes compelling radio.  Neither are Kickstarter companies and depend on publishing a number of other people’s games for revenue3 so it’ll be interesting to see how they address that on the show as more revenue streams through there rather than traditional challenges.


Rolling Dice and Taking Names is the board game partners I want.  Marty and Tony are a couple old friends who get together to play games, talk about games, and then play more games.  These two have great banter and mostly keep the podcast under 1:30 hours – which is on the longer side of listenable.  If they were clothes in the closet, they’re the old college sweatshirt you wear to have fun.


Raise up the snarkometer.  Quinns is about to review another popular game. Quinn, Paul, and Matt are the hosts of one of the most successful websites on gaming.  Combine it with Watch It Played and you have the Dynamic Duo.  Once a month they get together and talk about the games they play that aren’t going to get the website treatment.  Snarky though they might be, the draw here is true critique.  Other podcasts (and blogs) veer often into fanboyism.  SUSD stay true to critique.  They are the New York Times Book Review of the boardgame world, only read by the cast of SNL.

I never watched Mad Men, so my reference point for Rich Sommer is the shirtless mathematician of Elementary.  Rich runs an irregularly-scheduled4podcast which is basically the boardgame version of sports radio.  Rich may be a movie star, a TV star…but he is one of us.  Rich, Rich….PLEASE do your show more OFTEN!