October is coming up and it’s time for some fun!  I’ll be attending SHUX in Vancouver, hitting the games hard for 3 straight days so 5 games is a really low bar. Even so, here’s what I’m looking to get out.

Codenames Duet: This one’s for my wife.  Not that she wouldn’t like the other ones, but theme is everything as is co-op.  Everyone is raving about it.  Let’s see if I can get her hooked as well.  Because she is my favorite teammate.

Conan: My favorite teammate will not be playing this one with me. Let’s not debate it – Conan suffers from too much theme.  The publishers recreated the swords-and-sorcery genre right down to the muscle-brained heroes rescuing the scantily-clad damsels in distress who are instantly wooed or otherwise treated as objects.  And that’s too bad, because Monolith has created some very unique, fun mechanics to change the dungeon crawls.  I’m looking forward to playing it but I’m cringing at the same time.

Adrenaline: Team Fortress1 in a board game.  With no gore.  And no teenagers showing me how bad my twitch reflex is. Do I need another excuse?

Captain Sonar: This game looks amazing.  Two 4-player teams playing a secret movement game of battleship – but the pieces keep moving.  I’m both excited and intimidated.  Maybe I should buy the starter version they sell at Target instead?

878 Vikings: Wargames have come a long way from Squadron Leader.  This is more abstract than those simulation/grognard games and that’s something I like.

So, there you have it.  5 new games for October.