Unlike watching the Tour de France, you’ll like enjoy playing Flamme Rouge – and no tight bike shorts in sight!  Flamme Rouge puts you in charge of a team of two racers – one sprinter who moves either very fast or very slow and one rouleur who is more of a grinder at a steady pace – vying to be first to finish a race on a track made up of flat and mountainous roads 1by playing cards.  You draw four cards and play one – which will only be played once.  And if your rider gets out in front, he or she will need to put exhaustion cards in their deck – basically dead cards that limit your choices later in the game.  So you are always wondering, “Do I break away now?  Do I play this really good card or save it for later?”  A good game lets you have fun.  A great game makes you make hard choices doing it.  Flamme Rouge is a great game.

Flamme Rouge






Right Complexity


Beauty and Design



  • Simple to learn, hard to master - Total Simplexity
  • Just Beautiful
  • Supports 4 players (Potentially 8 with teams)


  • Doesn't scale down to 2 very well