Month: January 2019

Kobiyashi Maru in the Jungle

The Lost Expedition is a game by Peer Sylvester, published by Osprey Games. It is, hypothetically, a game that scales from one to five and includes a co-op and head-to-head version. In reality, it is a solitaire game where you will lose. If losing makes you angry, just go away now. The review is over.

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Banishing The Bad and Boring for Kids (and adults), Part 1

The reality is that many of the games the children of the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s grew up on were bad.  Very bad.  And many that were somewhat good were deeply flawed due to the limitations of what made a game a game to major publishers.

We don’t need to put up with that any longer.  This series is going to look at how we can substitute the games we grew up on with newer games that will increase enjoyment for the whole table.

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