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Kobiyashi Maru in the Jungle

The Lost Expedition is a game by Peer Sylvester, published by Osprey Games. It is, hypothetically, a game that scales from one to five and includes a co-op and head-to-head version. In reality, it is a solitaire game where you will lose. If losing makes you angry, just go away now. The review is over.

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A Knife Fight in a Diamond Mine

plendor, the engine-building game by Marc André, is the epitome of a slow burn. Set in the Renaissance, the game envisions you as a jewel merchant collecting rare gems to purchase businesses, land, or transportation while you seek to impress the nobles who may sponsor you or your competition. Fail and you’re doomed to a life with cheap plonk.

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Expancity: The Human Zoo

Expancity is a city-building game where you lay down tiles and then construct towers out of plastic cubes to score points. SimCity meets Suburbia, right? Wrong. If boardgames had a, the test results would come back with Carcassonne leading the way. Hold that in your pre-frontal cortex as I lay out the game.

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Kingdomino, the 2017 Spiel des Jahres winner6 from superstar developer Bruno Cathala2 pits you against 1-3 other potential kings to build a kingdom by laying tiles made of forests, plains, fields mountains, deserts, and oceans.  The catch?  Taking a page from dominos, tiles laid after your first must match a terrain that you’ve already played.  And you’re constrained to a small square grid to accomplish your task.

Sound simple?  Well, it’s not!  You’ll be faced with tradeoffs galore in your battle to have the most beautiful kingdom.

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Flamme Rouge

The Tour de France – hold the spandex, the bike crashes, and the doping.3

Flamme Rouge was one of the hot games of 2016-17 and continues to be a mainstay. At SHUX this last October, it was a show star with too many people trying to play whenever it was available.

So what separates it from every other game out there? I mean, I think that there’s more likely to be elves than bike racers at the average gaming convention.

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