Rob Daviau has taken some of his well-earned street cred from games like Pandemic Legacy and chosen to spend it re-developing old games to include new mechanics.  One of his first is Stop, Thief.  The old version depended on a clunky electronic device1 to dispense clues in the forms of footsteps, door, and breaking glass and on dice to determine movement.  The new Stop Thief uses the ubiquitous smartphone to give clues2 and uses a deck of movement cards that are assymetrical per player – allowing each to have special abilities or different movement traits.  The game, as designed, is a good but not great game due to two flaws.  First, a good game forces tension – through choices or consequences.  There is no high tension throughout the game.  In fact, it is a bit of slog to the finish line.  Second, the use of cards to reduce the randomness is good – reducing the random swings of movement is never bad – but who was close enough to arrest the thief still felt very random due to the nature of the clues.  Also, we had a couple games ruined by the app having errors.  On the plus side, this is teachable down to 7 or 8 years old.

Stop Thief!

Stop Thief!


7.0 /10


7.0 /10

Right Complexity

9.0 /10

Beauty and Design

9.0 /10

Fudge Factor

6.0 /10


  • Good use of movement cards
  • Beautiful game


  • Little tension
  • Small bugs appeared in the app