My family is a sucker for a good business game – which makes it painful to say that Stockpile is a good game that won’t come out to play very often. WHAT?? Well, yes.  The problem is that, although it is completely different from Acquire, that game continues to take its spot in the regular rotation.  Stockpile has a lot going for it.  Almost too much – with card drafting mechanics, auction mechanics, some crazy randomness – that it is a little less approachable than Acquire.  With Acquire, you get to that point in the game where you say, “Ah yes…I just shot myself in the foot.”  With Stockpile, you know you’re shot but you don’t know when you were shot or by who.  It’s still fun, but just not enough to replace the old champion.

Stockpile Board Game

Stockpile Board Game


7.5 /10


8.0 /10

Right Complexity

7.0 /10

Beauty and Design

9.0 /10

My Bias

7.5 /10


  • Fun and light
  • Great design


  • Mechanics feel a little loose
  • A little too random

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