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Stop, Thief!

Rob Daviau has taken some of his well-earned street cred from games like Pandemic Legacy and chosen to spend it re-developing old games to include new mechanics.  One of his first is Stop, Thief. 

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Top 5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Sometimes I wish my commute was longer. No. Really. I actually hate traffic with a passion and will drive 2 miles (or longer) to keep the feeling of advancing over sitting still, but I’ve discovered something over the last two years that has kept me going. Gaming podcasts. It started simple enough with a little Shut Up and Sit Down.  But once a month isn’t good enough for my habit.  So like any good junkie, I started scouring the interwebs for other places to get my driving drug of choice.  Here’s my Top 5.         How’s your...

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Lords of Vegas

VEGAS, BABY! Showgirls, neon, glitz…construction? Lords of Vegas is a dice and tile-based game where players let out their inner Steve Wynn to become the largest hotelier on the Strip.   THIS is the game that knocks Acquire out of the rotation5To be completely unfair to Stockpile, which is also a good game, Lords of Vegas depends on a grab bag of mechanics and randomness but has the character to push it over the finish line. Each turn, you draw a card to take ownership of a vacant lot and then your decision matrix explodes.  Do I build a new...

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The Magic of 2017 – A Brief Introspection

Another year down, another great set of additions to the pile of shame2.

I’m not one for resolutions or the like but looking backwards at what went right and wrong is always a useful tool, so I’ll spend a few minutes just looking backwards at my gaming life.

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My October Must-Play List

October is coming up and it’s time for some fun!  I’ll be attending SHUX in Vancouver, hitting the games hard for 3 straight days so 5 games is a really low bar. Even so, here’s what I’m looking to get out: Codenames Duet, Conan, Adrenaline, Captain Sonar, and 878 Vikings.

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