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Flip Ships

I spent a a lot of quarters playing Space Invaders in my youth. Board games are now providing a good way to play without losing the paper route money1Yes, I know – both arcades and paper routes are a thing of the past.  But humor the old man. – Flip Ships providing the Space Invaders experience2Adrenaline, another great game that I need to review some time, is the boardgame equivalent of Overwatch or Doom.  Flip Ships continues Regenade’s recent dominance3Clank!, Lanterns, Raiders of the North Seas, Altiplano, and more by providing a quick, easy-to-learn dexterity game with good components4Punching...

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I can’t help but start singing the They Might Be Giants song every time I want to play this game.  It’s no wonder I don’t get to play it enough.  Istanbul is one of the best themed games out there in terms of immersion.  You go around dropping your workers off at various locations – bazaars, post offices, gambling dens, the police station – while collecting enough resources to buy yourself some gems!  Oh, but those lazy workers!  They won’t do anything while you’re not around so you need to go collect them!  At it’s root, Istanbul is about...

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Kingdomino, the 2017 Spiel des Jahres winner2 from superstar developer Bruno Cathala2 pits you against 1-3 other potential kings to build a kingdom by laying tiles made of forests, plains, fields mountains, deserts, and oceans.  The catch?  Taking a page from dominos, tiles laid after your first must match a terrain that you’ve already played.  And you’re constrained to a small square grid to accomplish your task.

Sound simple?  Well, it’s not!  You’ll be faced with tradeoffs galore in your battle to have the most beautiful kingdom.

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The Wall of Shame in 5 Games

I have a problem.  I like games.  In fact, I like games so much that I have a pile of perfectly good games that haven’t left their shrink wrap.  Just like most people collect books that they’ll never read or start TV series’ they’ll never finish. I’m not talking about bad games.  Bad games end up being recycled.  These are good games that – for many reasons – have never been played.  It’s a nerd’s island of misfit toys. Let’s take a look through the archetypical examples. The “6th on the list” Game World’s Fair 1893 is – by...

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Flamme Rouge

The Tour de France – hold the spandex, the bike crashes, and the doping.3

Flamme Rouge was one of the hot games of 2016-17 and continues to be a mainstay. At SHUX this last October, it was a show star with too many people trying to play whenever it was available.

So what separates it from every other game out there? I mean, I think that there’s more likely to be elves than bike racers at the average gaming convention.

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